‘We compare our curriculum at Selby Community Primary School to a blueprint for building a house.  It is carefully planned providing a detailed framework for our learning.  Using this analogy, our Primary education will help us to build a solid foundation for the future.  Like a house, our education will build up in layers, extending what we already know.  Everything in our learning framework has a purpose – to help us to become the best we can.’

‘Throughout our time at Selby CP we are given the tools, like builders, to become well-rounded, caring members of our local and global communities.’

Leo Mason, Oliver, Ruby & Phoebe

Year 5, June 2021

Each year group has its own carefully sequenced curriculum map that outlines the curriculum entitlement for children in that year.

In addition, we have developed our own set of end of year expectations for each subject as well as what we believe mastery looks like in each year group.

Vocabulary lists have also been planned out to ensure that there is a clear progression as to how the children acquire subject specific vocabulary.

Details of all these are available if you click on the links below.

For further information about the curriculum please look at the subject knowledge banks and termly overviews or contact your child’s class teacher.