Children can be admitted to the school at any stage in their schooling and from the term after they become three into the nursery.

We welcome parents and carers to visit our school to see the school in action. We have clear transition arrangements in place so that your child’s start to school is a happy one.

Pupils remain at the school until they transfer to secondary education at the age of eleven and during the child’s final year, parents or carers will be requested to select a secondary school of their choice.

Should you decide to send your child to Selby Community Primary School a Preference Form must be completed and sent to the Local Area Education Office before the child starts school for their authorisation.

It is against the law for the Headteacher to admit pupils to the school without a Preference Form having been completed and authorised. These forms can be obtained from school or the Local Area Education Office.

In our nursery, we currently have space for 52 part time placements while in reception, we have space for 60 full time placements.

If you have any comments about our admissions policy please contact us via the messaging service at the top of the website.

You can find more information on the NYCC admissions page which can be found here