Selby Community Primary School follows The Maths No Problem which is based on the Singapore mastery method of teaching.

The scheme includes the use: of a highly developed website, which is used to deliver each lesson, a textbook for each child and workbook for each child to complete an exercise each day.  It follows a clear progression, children are taught concepts initially using concrete materials, which then moves into pictorial representations and finally into abstract concepts.  From one lesson to the next, there are small steps, which enable children to work with confidence and to grasp concepts clearly. The consistent approach through school is evident.  The scheme is matched to the national curriculum and full coverage is evident in the scheme.

Lessons are delivered following a prescribed pattern:

In focus

Every lesson begins with an open-ended task, which is discussed, explored and investigated.  In some cases, the major part of the lesson is derived from this initial task. Teachers record general findings on an anchor task sheet, which is displayed in the classroom for children to refer back to.  Children use maths journals to record their learning in this part of the lesson.  These are interesting documents and vary in style from child to child.

Let’s Learn 

Children read through the Let’s Learn section of the text with a partner.  They will be asked to look at specific things within that section.  ‘Did we use this method?’  ‘How many methods are they using here?’  ‘Choose your favourite method’, etc. Children support each other in their learning and rich mathematical discussions occur. 

Guided Practice

Children are given a final chance to work as a team.  They are given a set of questions in the textbook, which they discuss with a partner.  They may record answers on a white board, but the focus will be on discussion and collaboration. 

Children in a maths class


Children work independently and silently on a workbook page. The teacher marks this, in the moment, and issues can be addressed immediately or highlighted for further work on an afternoon.

In addition to this, all children from Year 2 to Year 6 have a TTrockstars account, which helps them learn the times tables by heart.

In EYFS, the same mastery approach to maths is followed with children interrogating and picking apart numbers so that they have a thorough grasp of each concept taught.

Our maths curriculum